It’s not just gymnastics,
it’s learning for a lifetime!


1.2.23 – IT’S TIME FOR  SPRING and SUMMER CAMPS ENROLLMENT!   Reserve your spot early!   Looking for a fun new apparel to wear to class? Check out our digital ProShop with DESTIRA.   Questions? Please call for more information/protocols: 707.763.5010

Welcome to Redwood Empire Gymnastics!

We are INDOORS and offering classes by the session.  Registration is required with safety protocols in place.   Families will be emailed of any cancellations prior to class.  Please make sure your most used email is up to date in your file.

About us – We offer gymnastics classes for children and adult all ages.  Our instructors are caring professionals trained to encourage children to have fun while participating in a challenging gymnastics program, and our program is set up to be age and skill appropriate. Using gymnastics equipment and a ton of fun, we teach children life skills and how to reach for goals.  We support all types of learners and abilities and have classes designed to fit with your family’s needs.

REG – It’s not just gymnastics, it’s learning for a lifetime!”

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Classes for children who are skilled and want more of a challenge.

Whatever your age, we have classes and schedules to fit your needs.

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