Summer Camp

If you are looking for a healthy, active and exciting place for your child to spend his/her summer, Redwood Empire Gymnastics is what you need.

We plan our activities to take full advantage of the 16,000 sq ft facility including, trampolines, pit, rings, bars, beams, padded floors and oodles and oodles of specialized sports and games equipment.  Children can attend by the week, day or split up into morning or afternoon shifts based on parent’s need (five year olds may only attend half days at a time).

Every morning we have gymnastics, games, arts and crafts, and our special jump in the zone time.   Based on our different themes, we often add a hands-on experiment or activity that all enjoy.  After lunch, we work on more gymnastics, take a quiet time break with snack and a quick cartoon, then we get back into jump zone and specialization into other sports like soccer, volleyball, field hockey, indoor golf and jumping rope.